Engineering and Tooling

Most of our customers design their parts in-house, and then ask us to design the mold.  Other customers ask us to get involved earlier in the process.  

One of PDI's greatest strengths is its full staff of project engineers who provide design assistance to get your part production ready.  Give us a call or send us an email to see how we can work with you.


Tooling refers to any piece of equipment necessary to produce your parts.  In our industry, it generally refers to injection molds and vacuum forming molds.  Whether you already have a mold or you need to source a brand new tool, we can help.


Some of our customers come to us with already built injection molds.  In this case, we get to work:

  1. We make any modifications necessary to your tool so that it can run in our machines.  Most injection molds can be run in our machines, but sometimes there are minor changes necessary.
  2. We put your mold on a mold maintenance schedule.  Most molds will last for millions of parts but only with regular cleaning and checking of tolerances.  If necessary, we will make any required repairs.

New Molds

Most of our customers are trying to get a new product into production.  In this case, we get to work creating a brand new mold for them.  There are 3 ways to do this:

  1. We can build your mold in-house on one of our 3 machining centers.
  2. We can source your tool from one of our domestic tool builder partners.
  3. We can source your tool from one of our international tool builder partners in order to reduce costs.

Whichever path we choose, we manage the process start to finish.