Company History

It all started in 1989..

In 1989, the Glazik Brothers (Steve and Gary) along with their business partner Mark Decker heard that Bell Helmets was looking to produce helmets right here in Central Illinois.  So they decided to take a few months off  from farming and set up a multi-station vacuum forming operation inside of a machine shed.  

Soon enough, the business started to take off and the company made the leap into injection molding.   By broadening its capabilities, PDI has partnered with some of America’s most respected companies to design and manufacture thermoformed and injection molded plastic components. From Mitsubishi and Harley Davidson, to GSI and John Deere, products that feature our expertise range from automotive parts and agricultural equipment to window installation accessories decorated sports equipment, beauty supplies and filtration components.

In 1997, the Glazik's decided to branch out and start a brand of construction supplies manufactured in-house called Galezelock Shims.  The brand has gone on to distribute its products throughout the world.  

In 2003, we decided to combine our background in agriculture and our expertise in manufacturing and start Ag Solutions, an in house brand of drainage and farm equipment modifications.

During the 2000's the company continued to grow securing customers in Mitsubishi, John Deere, and Harley Davidson.  We have done this by focusing on manufacturing excellence.  Going forward, we are focusing on implementing new automation to guarantee part quality and competitive part prices.