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Named a ZERO defect supplier by Mitsubishi for 8 years in a row

Injection Molding

PDI can offer competitive rates on any plastic injection molded part.  Contact us to see if we can put one of our 10 injection molding presses to use making your parts.

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PDI got its start by vacuum forming all sorts of products.  This economical process can make thin plastic parts on a tool that costs a fraction of what a comparable injection mold would cost.

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Tooling & Part Design

Our engineers are skilled in injection molded part design and mold design.  No matter where you are in the development process we can help you get from concept to full-scale production.

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See how we can get you from concept to full-scale production

Step 1: Design Your Part

It all starts with a drawing.  Submit whatever you have: 3D models, 2D drawings, a sketch on the back of a napkin... Our engineers can work with you to make your design more suitable for injection molding or thermoforming.  If you don't have a design yet, contact us, and let us help you through the design process.  Depending on our customers' needs, we will provide as much design assistance as needed.

Step 2: Request a Quote

Send us some information.  Email us the following:

  • 2D Part Drawings (.pdf, dxf, dwg...)
  • 3D Part files (.stp, .igs, .x_t, .sldprt, we run the latest version of solidworks and we can open most files)
  • Estimated annual ordering quantities

Within a few days, we'll provide a quote for tooling and part production.   Depending on your needs and sourcing preferences, we may plan to build the tool in-house or with one of our 3 partner tool builders.   We can also source your tooling from one of our overseas partners in order to reduce costs.  Regardless of where the tool is built, we will always produce your parts in our factory in-house.

Step 3: We'll Do the Rest

Once we receive your order, we'll get started:

  • First we'll build a new injection mold or thermoforming tool for you.  You don't have to think about the design of your tooling.  Our engineers take care of all of it.  
  • Once the tool is complete, we'll work with your engineers to establish quality standards.  Every production lot is inspected before it leaves our factory to guarantee quality for our customers.
  • After establishing quality standards, we're ready to make parts.  Submit as many orders for any quantity necessary.

Let's get started