The first step in injection molding or thermoforming is getting a high quality and reliable tool.  Our tooling department is equipped with the latest software and hardware to make  molds of the highest precision.

If you’re ready to seriously consider putting your part into production, get in touch with us and request a quote.  We’ll work with you to take you from concept to full scale production.

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All of our CAD work is done in the latest version of SolidWorks, but we can work with just about any file types.  If you send us a file when requesting a quote, please email it as a generic file type such as .igs, .stp, or .stl.



The Millac  5 va machining center is the workhorse of our tooling division.   With a massive work area, and a high speed XY table, this machine can make short work of any tool.

Our Kitamura Mycenter 2X is a fast, accurate 3 axis machining center.  It features an automatic tool changer to keep it running efficiently, and more importantly keeping your tools as low cost as possible.

The AXYZ 5010 CNC Mill is our latest addition to our fleet of machines.  While this piece of equipment isn’t well suited for machining steel tools, it can quickly make patterns that can be sand cast to become a thermoforming tool.  In this picture, the machine features a tangential knife which we use to cut the excess off of some of our thermoformed parts.