Owned and Run by People who Care

Steve and Gary Glazik (brothers), along with Mark Decker, founded PDI in 1989 with the goal of making quality parts for the people who use them.  Even after growing the company to where it is today, Steve and Gary still take a hands-on role in the plant, working with the employees and making certain that quality is met at every step of the way.

Steve Glazik

CEO, Co-Owner

Gary Glazik

VP Engineering, Co-Owner


Mission Statement

To develop our talents as a producer of turnkey solutions to the benefit of our partners and to position the company for rapid growth through proprietary products and innovation. -&- To develop total cooperation partnerships without the "big company" attitude, with a focus on timeliness and quality.


Company Development

Since 1989, Plastic Designs Inc. (PDI) has partnered with some of America’s most respected companies to design and manufacture thermoformed and injection molded plastic components. From Mitsubishi and Harley Davidson to Bell Sports and John Deere, products that feature our expertise range from automotive parts and agricultural equipment to window installation accessories decorated sports equipment, beauty supplies and filtration components.

Using some of the most high-end, up-to-date engineering and design programs available in the industry, PDI has mastered and refined thermoforming and injection molding, varying its techniques – at times inventing altogether new ones – to produce the highest quality results, from initial concept through tooling to final assembly.

In today’s world, PDI has changed modes. After holding our own during the economic downturn, we have reformed our business model to one include rapid growth – concentrating on what our partners need; Time.

We are proud of our ability to take on entire programs for the support of our partners – concept, design, prototyping, mold creation, production, assembly, and drop-shipment. All in house. Our “Total Package” approach will support your Lean/JIT initiatives and allowing us to help you meet your goals.


Our Sister Companies


Steve and Gary carry on the tradition of innovation by also founding our sister company Ag Solutions which provides innovative and simple products for the world of agriculture. All of AgSolutions’ products are manufactured, stored, and shipped by PDI.

Glazelock, Inc.

Glazelock is another company founded by Steve and Gary.  Glazelock, Inc. make shims and other supplies for the construction industry.  All of Glazelock’s products are manufactured, storred and shipped by PDI.